Timbalaya die-cut cards

Thursday, 22 September 2016 10:10

This project was not only fun to produce but also was a challenge, as the set of cards not only required to be die-cut but also budget was a consideration and the time frame was tight, very tight. Thank you again to all at Gallpen for making this happen. The client needed these for an IAAPA show (Euro Attractions Show) in Barcelona and then later in the year in the USA. Timbalaya is a new global family entertainment IP grounded on a magical story about adventure, discovery and imaginative play. The cards are a tease to attract potential investors to take out a franchise or a license agreement. To find out more about the story of Timbalaya their website is http://timbalaya.com/ take a peek.




The Timbalaya Observatory.








The logo. Obviously...








Reepham College Prospectus

Thursday, 22 September 2016 09:51

Started in April and developed through the summer this job always give me great pleasure. Reepham College are a client that always let me try something different, even if the budget is very tight. Good ideas cost no more than average or bad ones. This year, although we kept the overall format the layout was yet again updated, the details tweaked and the contents over-hauled. However the cover was an interesting one. A concept I knew would look good, stand-out and attract attention it was also going to require a certain amount of technical know-how. Thanks to printers Gallpen and their team we managed to work out the best way to make it happen, laser die-cutting the 'R' and within the constraints of the budget and hopefully have produced something Reepham College can be proud of, I know I am.




The cover with the laser die-cut 'R' revealing a selection of images of life at Reepham College.




When opened the montage of images is revealed along with a selection of one word descriptors of life at Reepham College, suppllied by the students. The inside front and inside back cover is made up continuous text of student comments about what life at Reepham College is about and how it has helped them deal with this stage of their education.




One of the spreads from inside the prospectus.



Christmas Menus

Thursday, 22 September 2016 09:46

Yep. Christmas in August. They Greyhound pub in Overton, Hampshire asked me to put together a new Christmas Menu after recently creating a set of new Week and Sunday Menus. Created in Norfolk for a pub in Hampshire and printed in Germany...



Synergy Multi Academy Trust

Friday, 08 July 2016 12:51

I was recently asked to create a logo for a newly formed Multi Academy Trust. I was asked to only create three ideas, which although restricting was also a good discipline. With this being a collective group of schools joining together, with others hopefulyl joining at a later date, I was conscious of choosing muted colours, so as to not favour one existing school logo. Two of the concepts were based on linking and joining together, the third was a typographic option using negative space to highlight the 's'.

I presented the initial concepts to a group of six people and the logos were discussed with a preference being made there and then, albeit with a slight moderation.










The preferred concept, updated.




Reepham College - Admissions Postcards

Friday, 08 July 2016 12:33

To support the Admissions and Master Classes Posters and Advertising I was also asked to create a set of Postcards. These are widely distributed to potential students currently studying in year 10.




Reepham College - Admissions & Master Classes Posters

Friday, 08 July 2016 11:24

As part of Reepham College's 2016 activity I was asked to create a couple of posters to highlight their Admission Dates and Master Classes. These are used in the surrounding High Schools to support members of the Senior Leadership Team who visit these schools to speak to prospective students of the benefits of applying to Reepham College. The 'R' idea was selected from a variety of presented concepts, this mini campaign is carried across press advertising, postcards and used online.








Thursday, 10 March 2016 16:43



If you would like to see what makes me tick on a more regular basis pop over to my Twitter feed.

Sometimes it's a rant, somtimes it's random and occasionally it's relevant.



Elite Selection - Recruitment Campaign

Thursday, 10 March 2016 16:08

Elite Selection are a Sale Recruitment Specialist working across the UK. They take candidates through a vigorous process and without exception one of the partners will interview all candidates before they are presented to a client. They do not believe in sending candidates in that aren’t on brief - Their success rate is high - better than 2:1. They asked me to create an online campaign that would reflect their core values and point of difference. After presenting a selection of different campaign ideas we settled on the fruit and veg campaign, the full set of ads are shown below.




























Walking With The Wounded

Thursday, 10 March 2016 12:11

Back in December I decided to take up the challenge of joining a walk along the North Norfolk coast as part of The Walking With The Wounded campaign Walking Home For Christmas.

Mrs D and I joined a group who had organised the 'Mince Pie Walk' route, not expecting to know anyone, only to be surprised as family we knew through Holt RFC were also taking part. Not only did we have a great time, walked 15 miles but also raised some money for such a worthy cause. Walking With The Wounded's Mission Statement is: To support all veterans with physical, mental or social injury to gain the skills and qualifications necessary to develop new careers outside the military, re-integrate into society and provide long-term security for themselves and their families.

Would like to find out more? Here's their website: http://walkingwiththewounded.org.uk/



Dressing for the part.



Catching up with old friends. And eating a mince pie or three...



Big sky.



The finish. Blakeney.


Hunny Bell - Further Branding

Thursday, 10 March 2016 11:14

Having recently created the new branding for the Hunny Bell, a lovely cosy pub serving great food in the village of Hunworth in Norfolk, it was great to be able to extend the brand to the new sign and more items inside. When we came to hanging the new sign it was great to discover the old 'Hunworth Bell' also know as the Blue Bell, as you can see from the pic below.



The old sign we discovered when replacing last one...





The new branding on show.


Hunny Bell Beermats

To further enhance the branding once inside The Hunny Bell's custodians Sean and Penny Chapman were keen to have their very own beermats. 

Here are the finished items. 



Hunny Bell Bar Runners

Another item Penny and Sean were keen to have were there very own Bar Runners. Having never created anything like this a fair amount of research wwas required. I eventually found a company that would produce them digitally and as many or as few as you would like. Perfect for this project, brilliant quality and at very reasonable print costs too. 




Shadwell Arabian Stallions - Brochure 2016

Thursday, 10 March 2016 10:55

Having recently revised the Shadwell Arabian Logo my client was very keen to display the new version on the latest Arabian Stallion brochure cover. To continue to reflect the quality of the brand it was agreed to use a quality board for the cover and then a combination of blind embossing and gold foil blocking for the logo. The cover material is GF Smith's Curious Collection Metallic Blueprint, a lovely tactile material, nice weight and with a rich blue hue to reflect the Shadwell brand. The inside pages are on a 200gsm Essential Silk White, again a quality material. The cover material has a slight sparkle to it, which just adds a further touch of quality. The inside pages were thoroughly revised, including content and structure to give even more detail to the target market. Lovely job to work on and always a treat to be able to specify quality stock and finishing. The brochure was printed by Gallpen Colour Print, quality printers for a quality job.






Reepham College Prospectus

Wednesday, 09 March 2016 16:06

For the third consecutive year I was asked to create the Reepham College Prospectus. It was decided to keep the same basic format, as this was felt to work well in the communication of information, however the cover, all the subject layouts and various pieces of content needed updating.

For the cover I put together a selection of conceptual ideas and presented to the client and several students. The preferred idea is shown below, it is made up from a selection of the many quotes from students in the past few years, I then highlighted an area in green to represent the 'R' of their brand I created a few years ago. Subtle but draws the reader in to allow them to read all the quotes, a far better way to some up what life is like at Reepham College than I could have done with pictures.





Celebration Event - The Hunny Bell

Friday, 08 May 2015 09:12

I was recently asked to create various items by Penny Chapman at the lovely Hunny Bell in Hunworth for a Wedding Fair. The Hunny Bell is ideally placed and suited to offer a unique setting for that special day and that doesn't mean just weddings. They have a great building with many options for entertaining, combined with a wonderful chef who can create a special menu to suit your taste and more importantly budget. it really is a perfect option and I wanted to make sure all these elements came across in the communication.


Below are the images that were framed and used at the event along with taster menus and table settings, all created by Penny to give a taste of what you can expect at The Hunny Bell. The images were also used on social media and will form a permanent display in The Hunny Bell to advertise to visitors the facities and options available. 








Riddlesworth Park

Friday, 08 May 2015 08:37

A phone call out of the blue from a former client gave me the opportunity to create a new logo for their new venture. This was a lovely project to work on and obviously very personal to Ben and Lou Chandler from Riddlesworth Park, who are looking to open their site in July 2015.

As with other recent logo/brand projects I decided to create the initial ideas as 'loose scamps' this meant each individual idea could be seen as a concept in its own right, rather than judged on colour and typeface and detail if it were presented as a finished digital creation.


Below are a selection of the original ideas and then the preferred version worked up in full.

If you'd like to see the logo in place or even try out a bit of glamping, take a look here: http://riddlesworthglamping.co.uk/

I'm looking forward to seeing the site all up and working later in the year. Good luck Ben & Lou! I know it will be a success.








The preferred version, worked up as a Digital Creative file.




Craft Beer Labels

Friday, 08 May 2015 08:23

I was recently asked to create a selection of ideas for a Craft Beer Label.

Although this was done indirectly it did allow me the freedom to design something new and fresh.

The brief was fairly simple, something simple, independent, with no illustrations. 

I basically went for a typographic approach with strong but 'rustic' colours. The second version below was handwritten using a dip pen as I couldn't find a suitable typeface.










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