Hunny Bell Poster

Wednesday, 04 February 2015 16:42

As part of the on going association between The Hunny Bell and Holt RFC I was asked to create a poster to be displayed in the clubhouse to highlight forthcoming events and offers. The idea was to create something that could be updated through the rugby season with 10% OFF your meal if you could quote the score, home or away, from the previous Saturday's game. I went heavily on the recently created branding and put the poster together as shown below. This poster, although directly looking to promote the offer, is also more of a opportunity to continue to promote The Hunny Bell to Holt RFC members and guests. 




Shadwell. A year in numbers

Wednesday, 04 February 2015 16:29

To commemorate an exceptional year for Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. I was asked to create an ad to reflect the success on and off the track. The ad below was well received and hopefully did the trick.




Twitter - See what makes me tweet

Thursday, 20 November 2014 13:01



If you would like to see what makes me tick on a more regular basis pop over to my Twitter feed.

Sometimes it's a rant, somtimes it's random and occasionally it's relevant.


The Hunny Bell - Branding

Thursday, 20 November 2014 12:30

Having known Penny and Sean Chapman through Holt RFC for many years, it was great to hear the news that they had taken over the running of The Hunny Bell, Hunworth ( earlier in the year. It was even greater to hear from Sean and Penny that they would like me to take a look at the branding for the Hunny Bell, and also to see how the branding could then be taken on to a variety of items. I am currently working on how the brand can be extended, consistent and relevant. All very exciting.

Below are images showing how the revised branding will look and an example of one of the items already out there being used. There's plenty more in the pipeline.








Reepham College Prospectus 2015

Thursday, 20 November 2014 11:56

For the third year running I was asked to create the Prospectus for Reepham College. It was decided this year that the format should stay the same, as it had proved so popular the previous year, ie a 245x215mm half canadian bound booklet with a series of pull-out pages. I needed to create new front cover options, which would form the basis of the marketing activity for the target market, to also look at the inside pages and freshen everything up.

The content of the Prospectus is very well managed and encompasses all the aspects of life at Reepham College and beyond. The reaction from the targeted year 11 pupils and staff of Reepham College has been really great and very encouraging as it is a project that starts in the spring and carries on through the summer being printed and delivered for the first week of the autumn term.

It is printed by Gallpen Print in Norwich, who manage the production and split delivery of the Artwork so well, allowing for all the latest information, including the AS and A level results, Oxbridge entries and College Principal reaction.

Below are some examples of the spreads and the front cover. If you would like to see the prospectus in full, take a look here at the online version










SHADWELL - A new stallion

Tuesday, 18 November 2014 15:04

The second half of the year is traditionally the busiest for me and in particular Shadwell ( with the racing season in full flight and the sales season really kicking off in August. Starting at Deauville and then through the rest of the Europe and indeed world with major sales in the USA and Australia in particular. This year things have been even more active with the introduction of a new stallion, Mukhadram. 2014 brought MUKHADRAM’S day in the sun with an emphatic win over a field of 9 in the Gr.1 Coral Eclipse, beating Gr.1 winners THE FUGUE, KINGSTON HILL, WAR COMMAND, NIGHT OF THUNDER and TRADING LEATHER. Earlier in the year, he had showcased his power and determination with a stunning effort in the Gr.1 Dubai World Cup at Meydan; on this occasion, he beat another 8 Gr.1 winners.

Alongside all the normal activity with advertising in all the daily and monthly bloodstock publications, racecourse sponsorship, racecards, social media and online opportunities there are also the annual publication and review publications. All these media outlets need to be used to promote the current stallion roster but also to announce the new Shadwell stallion.

Below are a small selction of what I created with my client.














Forge Support

Tuesday, 18 November 2014 14:43

Having completed the Byfields Catering identity it was very pleasant to be called by the client's husband to see if I would like to look at creating something for his new company, Forge Support. Absolutely. We had a chat, discussed a direction and I had a look to see what I could come up with, the company works primarily as a consultancy for the National Health Service, I wanted to create something to reflect that 'link'.

As with Byfields my first set of ideas were created as 'loose scamps' in black on paper. After a meeting to identify the preferred direction I went away and created them digitally.

Below are some of the initial preferred ideas and then the final two masters.









Byfields Catering

Tuesday, 18 November 2014 14:13

Earlier in the year I was asked to create a new identity for someone I've known for several years through Holt RFC.

The company was to be called Byfields Catering and after an initial chat and brief I came back with a selection of ideas, loosely worked up just in black on paper. I have found this method particualrly useful, even if it does sound 'old fashioned', as it allows each idea to be seen on its merit rather than worrying about working up in fine digital detail lots of different versions. It's not right for every client or job, especially if they are too far away to present in person.

From the initial ideas the two preferred options were worked up and then it was a case of fine tuning and colour selection. The two versions below are the what we ended up with.






Reepham College - Admissions campaign

Monday, 07 July 2014 10:57

As in previous years I have been asked by Reepham College to create a mini-campaign to promote the college to the current year 10s (4th year of High School in old money).


One of the main items will be the Reepham College Prospectus, which is well under way and will be a revised version of the existing one, with a new cover and updated details inside. The previous version, format and general feel being so well liked. I will put images of this one here in due course but will keep that under wraps until it's all sorted and out for everyone to see. Mum's the word.


In the meantime though I have created a set of posters and postcards that will be used to target potential students for the September 2015 intake. These items and campaign feel will also be used in advertising and internal documents to ensure a consistent feel across the board.


Below are the two selected posters from those presented and the postcards that are already being distributed.






Monday, 07 July 2014 09:14

Both my children play Dodgeball for Reepham Raiders. One of the best teams in the country, playing in the Dodgeball Premier League, the highest league in the UK. They also have a host of international standard players within their ranks. Still not sure I totally understand the rules but I'm getting there.


I was asked by the club's Chairman to see if I could create a new logo and brand for them to be used across the board and to help them in their quest for sponsor's for new kit and travel expenses, especially with the nearest competetions in the midlands and as far away as Yorkshire and Lancashire.


Of course this was favour. A favour I felt I had to offer for such a group of young and enthusiastic players looking to continue to develop such a great club.


I felt with this project I would go back to basics and initially present a selection of ideas in a loose 'sketchy' style before developing in Illustrator. The reason for this, the 'client' sees the idea as a concept to be developed rather than a completely finished article that can be easily dismissed because they may not like a particular colour or typeface. In this instance the short-listed initial ideas were scanned and put out to vote by the club members. Very democratic but more importantly it gets everyone on board at an early stage encouraging ownership.


Below are the initial ideas as presented to the club members.

Watch this space to se which was preferred and how it will look when developed digitally.









The power of social media

Wednesday, 30 April 2014 09:28

In the past week I have been once again impressed by the power of social media and in particular Twitter.


After last weeks Youth Presentations at Holt RFC a tweet from one of our u16s mums Jo Storey (@StoreyJoanna) to the RFU Rugby Development Twitter feed (@RFU_RDO) created a little bit of a storm on my timeline. They used an example of the personalised picture montage as a an example of 'A SPECIAL TOUCH that will aid player retention' and 'Turning 15yr old players into a 25yr old players' they sent this out to over 7,000 followers. Several re-tweets and favourited tweets later it just shows how a message can be broadcast to a wider audience if the message is different, targetted and relevant.


Below is the RFU_RDO tweet.




Then on Monday one of my most loyal clients, SHADWELL asked me to put together a success strip ad for one of their stallions, Nayef, who had sired a Listed winner over the weekend. Nothing new in this but it was the first time we had aired the new layout of the success strips, so it was good to see it in the press. My client, Rachael Gowland, Marketing Manager at Shadwell then suggested we put created the ad as an image that could be put on Twitter and Facebook to spread the news. A great idea and the success of Nayef was then broadcast direct to thousands more of Shadwell's supporters. Not only this Rachael personalised the tweet to include my name in it and thanked me for my work. A nice touch and very gratefully received. More retweets and favouriting followed...


Below is the Shadwell tweet.




Holt RFC Youth Presentations

Wednesday, 30 April 2014 08:30

My last official role as Youth Chairman at Holt RFC was to preside over the Youth Presentation Evening. This is an event that has grown over the last three years with a absolutely packed clubhouse last with teams from u13s all the way up to Colts. A great turnout and wonderful support. Every age group is given two prophies to present as they see fit, normally the 'Most Improved Player' and 'Player's Player'. There are also a few other awards to present as each Head Coach sees fit, 'The Most Consistent Player', The Biggest Numpty Of The Year', 'The Golden Turd', you get the picture, this is rugby. For the under 16s this year, of which I am one of the coaches we felt that we needed something to reflect the progression into Colts next year. With the majority of our boys having started at 4 or 5 years old I created a photographic, personalised montage of their journey through Minis and Youth Rugby at Holt RFC. They have been on a magnificent journey, with seasons undefeated as Minis, numerous Festival wins, trophies galore, tours to regional festivals, tours where no rugby was played at all due to waterlogged pitches but a training session provided by Saracens Acedemy Players and most memorable of all a tour to Morocco in 2012, we even came away with a trophy from that one!




Above is an example of the personalised picture given to all the players. One of the players parents put this up on Twitter and the RFU Rugby Development feed commented on it as a fine example of 'A SPECIAL TOUCH that will aid player retention' and ' 'Turning 15yr old players into a 25yr old players' they sent this out to over 7,000 followers, many of whom favourited it and retweeted and sent messages to me. All very pleasing and a really proud note to finish my Youth Chairmanship on.


Below are a few pics from the presentation evening.










To pitch or not?

Thursday, 10 April 2014 09:30


Agencies are asked or ask to pitch for clients/projects all the time, it’s part of the culture of being in the creative business. It can be an excellent way to prove what you as an Agency can do, show off your wares, as it were.


However, you really do need to ask some serious questions before you pour a huge amount of resources into a pitch that could leave you with no return whatsoever.


Questions to ask before you begin, might be:

Is it a well-written brief?

Does the brief make sense?

Does the brief show an understanding of what you could do for the client?

What is the budget?

Is it really for you or would you have to slightly bend the truth?

Do you really want to work for this brand or company?

How many agencies are involved in the pitch?


If you don’t get satisfactory answers from all of these questions then you probably need to be asking yourself whether this is a good idea or not. Far too many agencies get involved in pitches that really aren’t suitable.


As an individual it is even harder to consider whether to pitch or not. I have only been involved in three during my twelve years of working for myself, all my other work has come through contacts and recommendations. My pitch results, so far are; won one, came second in another but was then awarded it after the winning agency couldn’t deliver and lost one. I thought you might like to see some of the work on the one I lost. Seems a shame to confine them to a hard drive.


I was asked by a colleague to work together on approaching an existing client of his to show what we could do together for a College Prospectus. I was to take the lead on the creative and conceptual approach, my colleague would back me up with his client knowledge, design and production experience.


The first example is 210mmx210mm proposal.

All proposals were presented as a selection of cover options, an introduction spread and a course spread.


Twitter - rant or random

Tuesday, 08 April 2014 16:24



If you would like to see what makes me tick on a more regular basis pop over to my Twitter feed.

Sometimes it's a rant, somtimes it's random and occasionally it's relevant.


New client. new brand. New identity.

Tuesday, 08 April 2014 15:06


At the end of 2013 I was recommended by a contact to approach Floranova about a prospective brief.


Floranova is a specialised breeder of flower seed varieties for the professional bedding and pot plant sector.Their seed products are available to trade and consumers through a network of wholesale and retail distributors throughout the world.


Established in the UK in 1978, Floranova is now recognised as being one of the worlds leading flower seed breeding companies. The company’s portfolio also comprises vegetatively propagated products that are licensed to a network of propagators. Floranova is focussed on bringing new, novel, high quality and beautiful products to the global marketplace: products that excel for horticultural professionals and gardeners alike.


Floranova were looking to launch a new plant variety, Begonia Bossa Nova.


The brief was to create a brand that would reflect the qualities of this new variety but also to link it in with the forthcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil. I presented a selection of different ideas as to how this brand could look and then took the preferred logo on to a variety of items to show how the brand could be extended and exposed to the desired audience. Below are a selection of the preferred logos as well as propositions of how the brand could be extended. Carnival style.















'D-Ends' on approach to exhibition.

Multi-coloured logos with different coloured backgrounds.

Alternative options, shown inset, with the full logo and a mixture of flower and carnival images.





Repeated drop flags on approach to exhibition.






Drop down banners for inside exhibition. 

Consistent style and positioning of logo with a selection of images to reflect brand.





Beach wings for entrance to stand.

Transferable to all exhibitions and trials.






Trade advertising options.

Strongly branded trade advertising, using the carnival theme to attract attention and headline to invite the viewer to come and see BOSSA NOVA at relevant exhibition.

Addition of strapline ‘Bursting with life’ to reflect plant and carnvial theme.







Bossa Nova Catalogue cover concept.

Either a stand alone catalogue or incorporated in main catalogue with BOSSA NOVA the front page hero.
Impactful cover using carnival theme to tease, deliberately no plant images shown on front. 

Using each full spread per BOSSA NOVA colour.
Subtle Background image of close-up petals relevant to plant colour detailed.







Postcard/Mailer set.

Simple, effective way to alert audience to the new product, re-inforce brand and direct potential customers to relevant exhibition.

Could also be created as a digital email campaign.






Branded items.

Thes items could either be used as ‘give-aways’ at exhibitions or worn by and used by members of staff.
USB stick could contain the BOSSA NOVA catalogue and further ordering information.
Other items that could also be created are: Lanyards, iPad covers for sales team when presenting, plant sticks or even cut-out carnival head-dresses.


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