Thanking Sponors

Monday, 07 April 2014 15:52

Holt RFC u16s have been sponsored for the 2013/14 and the 2014/15 season by Jimmy Gray.

A Holt RFC legend and absolutely top bloke. As a thank you for his generosity, earlier in the season we presented him with his very own shirt and a framed image of all the boys proudly wearing his name across their chests.
The boys did him proud, really showed Jimmy and Carol how good this age group is and what potential they have over the next few years to go on and represent Holt RFC.

Cheers Jimmy.







Reepham College 2014 Prospectus

Thursday, 26 September 2013 10:52

Having moved the Reepham College prospectus on so much last year with the contents and structure, it was time this year to develop the inside even more and to create a new format.


After looking at several options it was decided to go for a 'Canadian Half-Bound' version with a selection of pages folding out to reveal more imagery and information. The cover was kept simple to encourage any potential reader to delve inside, an approach that was researched with current students and came out on top. The outer material was an uncoated dark green to reflect the newly adopted branding and then the logo was embossed and foil-blocked.

Inside the contents was divided into an introduction section to give details of the College, activities, trips and extra-curricular opportunities and then a section on all the courses on offer. A selection of pages pulled out to reveal results, details of the three graduates who are off to Cambridge University, trips and visits, further photography examples and a media pull-out.


The finished result, printed by Norwich specialist printers Gallpen, I am very happy to say has been extremely well received by the whole College, with lots of really positive comments. I personally would also like to thank everyone at Reepham College for making it possible, those that supplied images, those that contributed copy and student profiles and the enthusiasm with which every stage was received.









MooCow Mailer and T-Shirts

Thursday, 26 September 2013 10:16

It's different. It's funky. It's orange, black and white. It serves brilliant food and wonderful drinks. It's in Cowes on the Isle Of Wight. And it's owned by my brother-in-law and his partner.

( Take a look, or better still if you are anywhere near, pop in and say hello.

On a recent visit, which are far too few... I suggested an idea for a mailer, which I scribbled out on a scrap of paper and then turned it into the finished article below.





I also recently created a load of ideas for some new T-Shirts to be used by the staff and also sold to their lovely customers.

Below are a few of the original ideas.









Thursday, 26 September 2013 09:46

The GoGoGorillas outdoor art trail saw 54 life-sized creations and 67 baby gorillas on show at different locations around the city of Norwich. People were encouraged to explore the trail and see how many spectacular gorillas they could find. Each gorilla was decorated in a variety of colourful and exciting artwork; produced by professional artists, schools and community groups. I was lucky enough to be asked Broadland District Council to work with a group of five to eight year olds as part of their 'Tots 2 Teens' holiday sessions. Our GoGoGorilla was christened Jack, after the Union Jack that the children wanted to paint on his back.

We all had a great time, working together to understand more about Gorillas, find out some interesting facts, come up with the ideas and deciding on how Jack should look. Everyone also made their own miniature clay GoGoGorilla to take home.

Below are a couple of the pics of the finished item.






Highclere Thoroughbred Racing - Lifestyle Ad Concepts

Thursday, 26 September 2013 09:26

Highclere Thoroughbred Racing is Europe's leading racehorse ownership company. They specialise in putting together small groups of individuals to share in a number of top quality racehorses.

Below are a few example of some of the conceptual work I recently created to attract new clients. Working with with Harry Herbert and Alex Smith was a great experience and presenting the ideas in the Jockey Club Rooms at Newmarket a treat in itself.












Random Clothing

Wednesday, 25 September 2013 16:45

There once was a very tall man I used to work with, a long time ago. He left to set up Gun Hill Clothing ( which has stores in Burnham Market, Holt, Southwold and Saffron Waldon. Then the next time our paths cross I am standing on the side of a rugby pitch about to go back into the fray and I notice this guy, he notices me and what do you know it's Nick Fryer from all them years ago. His son was playing in the same game and he had come to watch. We got talking and Nick asked me to look at a new brand he was looking to develop for another clothing outlet. The name started with and ended up being RANDOM but in between there were several, well actually loads of alternatives that went back and forwards. All good fun, great project to be involved with and below is the final logo we went for as well as some visuals I created to support the brand.











Shadwell Arab Brochure

Wednesday, 25 September 2013 14:11

Having the opportunity to select some very special paper is always a treat and something that a lot of creative’s overlook. Yes, different paper may be sometimes more expensive, although not as much as you may think and the difference it can make to a job is money well spent, if used well. With the Shadwell Arab Brochure a selection of options were discussed and in the end the cover was a ‘Curious Metallics White Gold’ which really helped to set off the silver foil block and three-dimensional block of the horses head. Printed by Gallpen of Norwich.




Our Christmas Card

Wednesday, 25 September 2013 13:38

Always a challenge. Best to keep it simple, so this year I used the skills of a certain India Durban and with a quick flick of her paintbrush and a flick of some ink we had a result. Note the signature as the trunk.

Great, now for next year…




Reepham College Social Sciences Mailer

Wednesday, 25 September 2013 13:21

I was asked to create a mailer targeted at the current year 11s at Reepham School and beyond, who would not have studied the following subjects: Sociology, Psychology, Business Studies, Economics, Philosophy & Ethics and Law. As ever I had to put myself in the minds of the target audience and look to make the finished item interesting enough to catch their attention, get them interested but also want them to find out more. Working with the head of the department we looked at a variety of options before deciding on a leaflet that revealed more as it was opened. Nice project, fun to do and a well received final print item.




Reepham College 2013 Prospectus

Wednesday, 25 September 2013 13:18

Trying to sum up the ethos of a post-16 educational institution along with detailing all the courses, extra curricular activity and facilities is a certainly a challenge. Well, I like a challenge and with the significant help of various members of the College we managed to not only put together a great working prospectus but also re-structured the way it had previously created and added so much more to make something that really reflects the College and the experience any prospective students can expect.




Reepham high School & College branding

Wednesday, 25 September 2013 13:05

Following a visit to present my thoughts on consistency of brand to various leaders of Reepham High School & College, I was asked to look at ideas to create a new look for them. As per usual I presented a selection of ideas to not only the School and College leaders but also to governors and students. A direction was chosen and then taken on to a variety of items, including stationery, signage, folders and a variety of publications.



Souvenir Tour Brochures

Friday, 11 May 2012 16:04

As part of the sponsorship package on the recent tour to Morocco, we created and produced a 24 page A5 Commemorative Tour Brochure.


A variety of sponsors had their ads inside and interspersed between these were club details, montages of fund raising events, tour itinerary and messages of thank you, along with profiles of all the players, with their likes, dislikes, phobias, person they would most like to date and best looking team mate. Well those that submitted them, the others we used artistic license. Maybe next time boys when we ask you to do something, you will... especially those that ended up wanting to have a date with Susan Boyle, having their favourite band as Agadoo or their favourite book as Peppa Pig.


The example below shows a couple of the spreads and front cover. This one signed by England scrum-half Ben Youngs and his brother Tom, who has just been called up to tour South Africa with England. Both players started playing mini rugby at Holt RFC and have been great ambassadors for the club and can often be seen at Kelling when they have a weekend off, which is how I got this version signed.

Top lads. Top club.




Tour shirts.

Friday, 11 May 2012 15:45

I've put graphics and logos on T-shirts and Sweatshirts before but never actually designed a whole shirt.

So it was an interesting challenge when we decided to create a commemorative shirt for all the boys and any parents who wanted one for our recent tour to Morocco. I wanted to reflect not only the logo we had created for the whole tour but also the Moroccan flag, which went down extremely well with the locals.


Below are the initial ideas the were presented to the committee.



The actual shirts were sublimated, a printing process that means the material is printed flat and absorbed into the material, rather than just on the surface before the shirts are actually made up. It is also a method that allows you to make each shirt individual and you will notice on the images below how we personalised each of the boys shirts.


The company we used are called KUDOS ( and a big thank you needs to be given to Simon Griffiths for all his hard work to actually get the shirts sorted. Really great shirts, top quality, nice and lightweight which was perfect for where we were going, Morocco. They really stood out which was especially helpful when going round the Souks in Marrakech!


Below is an example of one of the printed shirts. As you will see we had commercial sponsorship and part of the deal was that all the 'platinum' level sponsors would have their names on the shirts. Another reason to sublimate them rather than screen print.






Holt RFC Summer Ball

Thursday, 10 May 2012 15:55

I recently was asked to create some posters and invites for the Holt RFC Summer Ball.

This wasn't any ball but one in the club's 50th year and over 650 people are expected on the night.

I have put the chosen poster below. Roll on June 1st.




Holt RFC u14s Tour to Morocco

Thursday, 10 May 2012 15:00

A trip to Morocco is a real adventure. Taking a party of over seventy people, including thirty one rugby playing boys, could be a logistical nightmare. Not only did we take thirty one boys, to ensure everyone was included, we also raised enough funds over a year so that they all went at no cost. We like a challenge. A massive thank you needs to said for all our parents, supporters, everyone at Holt RFC ( and especially to all those who helped to sponsor the trip (


We were made to feel so welcome by everyone that the whole trip was a complete success and great fun was had by all, from camel riding to playing rugby on the muddiest pitch, from exploring Marrakech including the snake charmers, horse drawn carriage rides and bartering in the market. Below are a few pics of the trip, there are more on my Facebook page (


Note the Tour Shirts that everyone is seen wearing, a new direction for me, designing clothing... all part of the service. I also put together a 24 page Souvenir Brochure that not only gave some great exposure to all our sponsors but also had profiles of all the players, with their likes, dislikes, phobias, person they would most like to date and best looking team mate. Well those that submitted them, the others we made up, that should teach them...




















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