Firside Junior School 75th Anniversary - the ideas

Thursday, 10 May 2012 14:03

Following on from my invitation by the Headteacher of Firside Junior School, as to how his school could brand their 75th Anniversary I have been in and out of the school working on the ideas with a selection of the pupils.

Below are the developed sets of logos, all based on the super creative ideas of the pupils. A preferred option has been decided on and is being developed as Digital Artwork in order to be used across everything in the school.

Can't tell you which one yet but I am very pleased with which option the children along with Emma and Simon At Firside.








Firside Junior School 75th Anniversary

Friday, 10 February 2012 16:38

At the end of last year I was asked whether I would like to create a logo to celebrate Firside Junior School's 75th Anniversary.

Simon Fisher, the headteacher was keen to get someone involved who could not only create something but also work with the children and develop the logo with a selected group.


I have just returned from meeting the children that are going to work on this project and their enthusiasm was, well enthusing, to say the least.

A really good group who were engaged and interested throughout the time I was there looking at other logos, why they work and how memorable good ones can be. We talked about what needed to be included on their one and where it may be seen. Then the bell went. And not one of them moved, they were far too interested in their initial thoughts being put down on the paper in front of them.

I'm really looking forward to see the fruit of their labour in a couple of weeks time. I will keep you posted.


Eynesford Enterprise Directory

Friday, 10 February 2012 16:10

Eynesford is the 'ward' Wood Dalling finds itself in under Broadland District Council, along with Foulsham, Guestwick, Themelthorpe, Heydon, Salle and Cawston.

Apparently it is the most business deprived area in the region, so in order to support businesses and communities in the area, Broadland came up with a scheme to show what is actually under everyone's noses. The result is the 44 page Eynesford Enterprise Directory, something I worked closely with the Economic Development Team at Broadland District Council.

Good team effort.




Shadwell Arab Brochure 2012

Friday, 10 February 2012 15:57

Last year I created a blind embossed image for the front of the Shadwell Arab Brochure. When it came to this year's version the client loved last year's so much that we decided to keep the effect but change the cover paper. After a few options were selected we went for 290gsm Peregrina Majestic Kings Blue. Lovely stock with a metallic glint to it. Not only does it work well for Shadwell but also with the blind embossing. Hope you like it.