Hunny Bell - Further Branding

Having recently created the new branding for the Hunny Bell, a lovely cosy pub serving great food in the village of Hunworth in Norfolk, it was great to be able to extend the brand to the new sign and more items inside. When we came to hanging the new sign it was great to discover the old 'Hunworth Bell' also know as the Blue Bell, as you can see from the pic below.



The old sign we discovered when replacing last one...





The new branding on show.


Hunny Bell Beermats

To further enhance the branding once inside The Hunny Bell's custodians Sean and Penny Chapman were keen to have their very own beermats. 

Here are the finished items. 



Hunny Bell Bar Runners

Another item Penny and Sean were keen to have were there very own Bar Runners. Having never created anything like this a fair amount of research wwas required. I eventually found a company that would produce them digitally and as many or as few as you would like. Perfect for this project, brilliant quality and at very reasonable print costs too.