Reepham College Prospectus

Started in April and developed through the summer this job always give me great pleasure. Reepham College are a client that always let me try something different, even if the budget is very tight. Good ideas cost no more than average or bad ones. This year, although we kept the overall format the layout was yet again updated, the details tweaked and the contents over-hauled. However the cover was an interesting one. A concept I knew would look good, stand-out and attract attention it was also going to require a certain amount of technical know-how. Thanks to printers Gallpen and their team we managed to work out the best way to make it happen, laser die-cutting the 'R' and within the constraints of the budget and hopefully have produced something Reepham College can be proud of, I know I am.




The cover with the laser die-cut 'R' revealing a selection of images of life at Reepham College.




When opened the montage of images is revealed along with a selection of one word descriptors of life at Reepham College, suppllied by the students. The inside front and inside back cover is made up continuous text of student comments about what life at Reepham College is about and how it has helped them deal with this stage of their education.




One of the spreads from inside the prospectus.